Mainstreaming IoT

IoT is still at the early adopters stage of the technology adoption life cycle when,

“In exchange for being an early adopter, and thus being exposed to the problems, risks, and annoyances common to early-stage product testing and deployment… The customer is sometimes given preferential pricing, terms, and conditions, although new technology is often very expensive, so the early adopter still often pays quite a lot.”

The collective challenge for people and businesses is to move the IoT industry to the next stage, the Early Majority.

How do we get there? Benson Chan in iot for all has eight suggestions:

1. Stop Calling it IoT, describe your solution in the same everyday words that your customers use to address the problems they care most about.

2. Stop Selling Technology, sell solutions to real world problems that your customers care about.

3. Stop Going to IoT Conferences, go to the main conferences that your customers attend.

4. Stop Looking for Customers Who Have Budget, start looking for customers who will free up budget for your solution.

5. Stop Confusing Your Customers, educate them instead.

6. Stop Marketing to Customers, look to partner with influencers, thought leaders, analysts, and consultants.

7. Stop Working Against Your Channel.

8. Stop Selling to IT, find IoT buyers across the business.

All of these may not be applicable to everyone but hopefully provides a flavour of mainstreaming IoT.