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  • Abel Delft: OSU

    Certified Class A module
  • AcSIP: Modules

    The S76S is designed & manufactured in a smallest form factor - SiP ( System in Package ) and has LoRaWAN Certification
  • Advantech: WISE-1510

    WISE-1510 is a wireless module integrated with ARM Cortex-M4 Processor and LoRa / LoRaWAN connectivity.
  • AMIHO: Wireless M-Bus + LoRa

    AMIHO provides stand-alone Wireless M-Bus and LoRa® modules available as standard off-the-shelf or custom products.
  • ANYLINK: LoRa Module

    Drop-in RF modules at various frequncies
  • Aptinex: LoRa node

    Aptinex helps organizations and professionals around the globe to leverage the power of technology by placing highly qualified electronic engineers, embedded programmers, project managers, and analysts at their fingertips.
  • Cascademic: LoRa Module

    We at CASCADEMIC develop Industrial solutions in SCADA, M2M & Growing IIoT
  • Cisco

    Create new revenue opportunities and lower operational costs by managing your connected devices.
  • Dapu: LoRa Module

    Founded in 2005, DAPU TELECOM, with its headquarter in SSL hi-tech industrial park of China, is committed to providing global customers with high-quality timing and frequency products and solutions, and constantly seek innovations for the ultimate stability and reliability for communication networks.