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  • 7layers: testing

    7layers has become the first independent LoRa authorized 3rd party test laboratory.
  • allóra Factory: Design and Development

    Allóra Factory is the one stop shop to turn your long range wireless ideas into reality.
  • AT4 Wireless: testing

    As LoRa Alliance authorized test house, AT4 wireless testing facilities in Málaga (Spain) are able to provide certification testing services for LoRaWAN Certification Program.
  • CGI

    Our 40 years of continuous profitable growth is a testament to the confidence our clients place in us, to the commitment of our members, and to the sound business model and sustaining principles on which we were founded.
  • Cisco

    Create new revenue opportunities and lower operational costs by managing your connected devices.
  • Comms365: Gateway Installation

    Gateway Site Survey and Installation service as well as End to End Managed Solutions
  • Espotel: Embedded Systems

    Espotel is a leading provider of R&D services for embedded systems, test systems and industrial internet applications
  • Flex: Business Support

    We are dedicated innovators, working across 30 countries to create a smarter, more connected world. Leading the way in the development of innovative technologies, sketch to scale thinking, state-of-the-art manufacturing, and global citizenship sets Flex apart—a leader in a market of one.
  • Gimasi: Smart Cities

    GIMASI can help you in being part of the Smart City revolution by providing off the shelf solutions or consulting services to help you design your next IoT solution.