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  • Tektelic

    Thanks to our technical acumen, expertise and a leading portfolio of IPR and reference products we continue to be successfully retained by companies from different verticals to address their custom RF and wireless requirements.
  • Telog: 41 Series

    As part of a smart water infrastructure, Telog’s 41 Series is designed to enable utilities to monitor real-time operations, assess the condition of assets, repair leaks to reduce non-revenue water (NRW) and manage critical infrastructure.
  • Tinovi

    The Tinovi PM-WCS-3 family sensors is low-cost accurate moisture sensor for monitoring water content, electrical conductivity and temperature of soil.
  • Turbo: Smoke Detector

    TBS-100 smart wireless smoke detector is a stand-alone wireless smoke detector, compatible with LoRaWAN™ technology. TBS-100 can support wireless remote reporting and alarm linkage, and has many advantages, high sensitivity, low cost, no wired, low power consumption, high reliability etc.
  • Turbo: Vehicle Detector

    TBS-200 Geomagnetic vehicle detector, which is compatible with LoRaWAN™, adopts advanced magnetic sensor and signal detection algorithm, be able to detect the vehicle presence.TBS-200 can be widely used in many areas such as smart parking, smart traffic, smart community.
  • Turbo: Water Meter

    TBS-300 smart wireless remote water meter, LoRaWAN™ compatible, is a rotor multi-flow meter used to measure the water flow in pipe.TBS-300 can be provide real-time statistics data of water consumption and monitor the state of pipes intelligently.
  • Twave: Motion Sensor

    Smove is a compact wireless Lora/Lorawan accellerometer based sensor. It holds all electronics (including antenna and batteries) in a 20x20x60mm enclosure. An expansion connector inside allows you/us to upgrade the device. Smove comes with sample firmware and schematic.
  • Vinduino: Sensor

    The Vinduino R3 sensor station is a solar powered remote sensor platform. It is optimized for supporting multiple soil sensors, aimed at saving irrigation water and improving crop health at lowest system cost. This product represents the 3rd generation design of our remote sensor platform, and passed extensive agricultural field trials.
  • Winext: Manhole Sensor

    Effectively monitor urban road manhole covers in real time. When there is deviation and tilt for a manhole cover, AN-108 manhole covers monitoring sensor will automatically upload this information to platform