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  • Winext: Parking Sensors

    Advanced adaptive magnetic detection algorithm, which can track the change of environmental magnetic field parameter dynamically
  • Winext: Smoke Detector

    Intelligent wireless light inductance smoke fire detector based on LoRaWAN protocol
  • Winext: Temperature, Humidity

    Adopts dedicated digital module acquisition technology and temperature and humidity sensing technology to ensure high reliability and long-term stability
  • Xignal: Trap

    Xignal communicate the status of the trap: armed, un-armed and un-armed with catch. You can view the status via our online portal ( or via our app for Apple and Android.
  • XterConnect: Sensors

    We provide digital transformation for sensors, devices and products with cutting edge LPWAN & BLE technology driven by iOS & Android applications.
  • Zane: Embedded Systems Dev

    Our circuit and embedded development team has more than 10 years experience. We manage electrical engineering activities for our Hungarian and foreign partners. Our work is supported by up-to-date project management tools in each period of the development. We put emphasis on quality assurance, and do believe that our highly innovative products contribute the idea to save the Planet.
  • Zenseio: Modular IIoT

    Zenseio hardware platform is designed for a variety of Industrial IoT applications. This is achieved with smart modularity and plug-and-play. A variety of multi-use, industrial-grade sensor, communication, and power supply modules allow to configure the IoT device that is optimal for the application you are developing.