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  • 1M2M: ED1608

    1M2M’s ED1608 is an out of the box, ready to use universal Low Power WAN Smart Sensor/GPS Tracker. There are three versions- the full version, equipped with all sensors; the basic version, configured as tracker, with only GPS and Accelerometer; and the radio-only version, with no sensors, but all the external interfaces.
  • Aartesys

    Aartesys is the first company worldwide to develop a gateway of the second generation with location technology. As vertical application, Aartesys offers an energy meter reading with LoRa wireless technology.
  • Abeeway: GPS Trackers

    The geolocation system specialist that boasts impressive battery autonomy.
  • Adeunis: Transceivers

    The LoRaWAN SENSORS from Adeunis RF are ready-to-use radio transmitters.
  • Adveez

    Improve management of assets and users
  • allóra Factory: Celsius Sensor

    Accurate temperature monitoring
  • allóra Factory: Pirio

    Accurate motion monitoring
  • Ascoel: Air Quality

    Internal air quality sensor for measure of CO2, temperature and relative humidity.
  • Ascoel: Door, Temp, Humidity

    Magnetic contact with optional temperature & humidity sensor useful to detect opening or closure of doors and windows.
  • Ascoel: Infrared

    IR868LR passive pyroelectric effect sensor for indoor use with a range of up to 16m.
  • Ascoel: Push Button

    Home/Office or Industrial style push button available for indoor & outdoor applications.
  • ATIM: Counting / Monitoring

    This is the ideal product to supervise the state of an equipment (start – stop) or to be notified in case of a problem. It also can report a water, gas, electricity counter index (pulse).
  • ATIM: Serial Port

    The ACW-RS allows easy interface to electronic systems that have a serial port to communicate with other equipment or sending the information on a cloud. It is often used behind PLC’s and data acquisition systems where it insures the redundancy, backup in case of an Internet or 3G failure usually used for data transmission.
  • ATIM: Temperature Humidity

    Report an ambient temperature and humidity
  • ATIM: Temperature Monitoring

    This is the ideal product to supervise temperature for a distant site and get warnings in case of threshold over-run.
  • Beep

    We’re a venture-backed startup in San Francisco, founded by early members of the Android, Access, and Platforms team at Google.
  • Bettschen Elektronik: LoRa Lighting Bridge

    With the LoRa Lighting Bridge you can control lighting fixtures and ballast as you like. The compactly designed electronics can be easily integrated in the lighting and, after configuring via USB or NFC, you can operate the lighting via LoRa.
  • Cascademic: Converters

    We at CASCADEMIC develop Industrial solutions in SCADA, M2M & Growing IIoT
  • Clickey

    Invenit develops IoT applications for business and consumer markets. Invenit introduces “the missing link” for the Internet of Things called Clickey. Everything together.
  • Comtac: Bridges

    Our LoRa bridges literally “build bridges” between different worlds, bringing things from the traditional world into the LoRa network.
  • Comtac: IOs

    Thanks to our LoRa IOs, you can quickly and easily connect as many signals as you like to LoRa networks by means of standard interfaces.
  • Comtac: Multi-Sensors

    Our multi-sensor packages are a combination of different measuring principles that pave the way into the LoRa network for different use cases.
  • Conbee

    For object location, container management and fleet optimization
  • Dapu: Automated Meter Reading

    Automated meter reading for electric, gas, water, and heat
  • Dapu: Temp Humidity Node

    High precision temperature and humidity sensor suitable for Fire Extinguishing System, Agricultural Irrigation, Environmental Monitoring, and Industrial Control
  • Dapu: Tracking Node

    Suitable for Medical treatment, Animal husbandry, Valuables Tracker, and Intelligent Transportation System.
  • Decentlab: Data Logger

    Transmits sensor readings using LoRaWAN
  • Digimondo: LoRa Meter

    Electronic electricity meter for household and small business customers. The advanced innovation on the meter market– developed by specialists.
  • Dingtek: Car Sensor

    The DO100 parking occupation sensor is designed for position detection, especially for opensky parking position detection.
  • Dingtek: Waste Bin Sensor

    The DF702 sensor is designed for waste bin status detection, especially for full/empty, flame or not, inclined or not detection.
  • Econode: Biosecurity

    Econode are a collaboration between ecologists, software programmers, GIS experts and biosecurity organisations who are passionate about bringing the latest in IoT technology into the New Zealand Conservation Industry.
  • EdenWorth Sensors

    Eden Worth based in Australia makes IIoT devices currently for Sigfox and LoRaWAN networks, providing low power IIoT hardware, simplifying sensor and device interface to the IIoT
  • Ellenex: Pressure

    Ellenex designs and manufactures Pressure & Level Sensors
  • Elsys: ELT-1

    ELT-1 is a general LoRaWAN™ device for measuring analogue or digital signals. ELT-1 can for example be used together with electricity meters, flow meters, analogue sensors, moisture sensors or temperature sensors.
  • Elsys: ERS

    ERS is a LoRaWAN™ room sensor for measuring indoor environment. ERS is enclosed in an room sensor box and it is designed to be wall mounted.
  • Elsys: ESM 5k

    ESM5k is a small LoRaWAN™ sensor enclosed in a small ABS box (60x35x20mm). Inside the ESM5k you will find four/five internal sensors.
  • Embedded Planet: Sensor

    Our Platform provides a launching pad that covers 80% of design cost and time of typical connected device projects.
  • Endetec Homerider: smart water

    Endetec Homerider Systems, the European leader in providing Smart Water Solutions, develops, manufactures and deploys sensors networks; we collect and analyse a vast array of environmental data. We offer a robust, reliable and multiprotocol network to a rich ecosystem dedicated to data management for areas such as: water, industry and efficient building energy management.
  • Gemtek: Trackers

    Founded in 1991, Gemtek is the world-leading provider of Wireless Broadband solutions, offering a wide range of solutions from residential to business.
  • Gimasi: Direxio

    A state of the art ultra low power tracking platform, delivered in a small form factor, 26x47mm, is suited for the most diverse tracking applications.
  • Gimasi: LumenUnda

    LumenUnda is the state of the art in remote control lighting based on LoRa®
  • GlobalSat: LT-100

    LoRaWAN™ Compliant GPS Tracker. LT-100 is a RF Network tracker specifically designed for monitoring assets, pets, and animals.
  • GlobalSat: Sensors

    LoRaWAN™ Compliant Sensor Series
  • GlobalSat: Smoke, Heat Sensor

    These small but effective devices are a vital fire safety early warning system, in both the workplace and the home.
  • Gumstix

    Our vision is to make electronic product design so simple, and the ramp to production so rapid, that we enable a generation of innovation. If Gumstix LoRa® gateways or nodes are not exactly what you need, no problem. Each board was designed in Geppetto which means you can copy, drag and drop your desired features onto the board in minutes to design to your specific specs.
  • IEM Parking Sensor

    PrestoSense detectors are installed on on-street parking bays. They not only detect a vehicle’s presence, but also the parking duration of a car.
  • Intesens: Connected Maintenance

    INTESENS provides a connected maintenance solution for remote monitoring of assets. Thanks to the smart & autonomous sensors, you visualise the relevant indicators through the IDIAG Web platform.
  • iSecur: Calyspo

    iSecur is a division of Finsecur, specializing in connected objects dedicated to fire safety and building management system.
  • Ixel: Gateway

    ICT gateways cater to industry, energy consulting firms and alternative power producers. They enable drawing the profile of electricity use to identify best practices and lighten energy appliances when electricity is expensive or only consume electricity at the most advantageous price.
  • KotahiNet: Air Quality

    Continuous measurement of air quality (particulate matter and toxic environmental gases). Autonomous device with solar power that sends readings periodically via LoRaWAN network.
  • KotahiNet: Level Monitor

    Ultrasonic sensor device with readings sent periodically via LoRaWAN network. Range options 4m or 8m.
  • KotahiNet: Lidar Distance Measurement

    Lidar (invisible light) used for accurate distance measurement of up to 3m with readings sent periodically via LoRaWAN network.
  • KotahiNet: LoRaWAN Nodes

    Provide LoRaWAN connectivity to any sensor when an off-the-shelf LoRaWAN device isn't available
  • KotahiNet: Remote Valves

    Class C device (Class A optional) to remotely open or shut solenoid valves. Example uses include precision irrigation, industrial processes, and watering grass.
  • KotahiNet: River Quality

    Continuous, in situ measurement of water quality in rivers, streams, lakes, etc. Autonomous device that floats on water and sends readings periodically via LoRaWAN network.
  • KotahiNet: Soil 3-in-1

    Measure soil moisture, soil temperature, and soil EC (Electrical Conductivity). Buried at desired depth, sending readings periodically via LoRaWAN network.
  • LiaoNing

    We supply the products and service from the Internet of things measurement terminal to the whole system solution.
  • Libelium: Plug & Sense

    Easy and fast deployment, Minimum maintenance costs, Services and network scalability, Compatible with any Cloud platform
  • Mueller: Smart Water

    Mueller Systems provides Smart Metering solutions to optimize the delivery and use of water. Municipalities that supply water need innovative ways to increase efficiencies, reduce costs, conserve water, and improve customer service. The Mi.Net® Mueller Infrastructure Network for Utilities from Mueller Systems meets that need.
  • Myfox: home alarm

    Unlike traditional detection systems, Myfox offers true security and peace of mind through proactive deterrence. Myfox Home Alarm is built to ensure truly reliable security that adapts to your daily life.
  • NAS: Pulse Reader

    Nordic Automation Systems AS is an industrial automation development company, specialising in sensor technologies, data analysis and monitoring solutions.
  • NAS: Water Meter Sensor

    Nordic Automation Systems AS is an industrial automation development company, specialising in sensor technologies, data analysis and monitoring solutions.
  • Netvox Sensors

    LoRaWAN sensors
  • nke Watteco: IN’O

    nke Watteco is a major player in the Internet of Things (IoT) thanks to our ideally suited range of sensors. Thanks to our range of multiprotocol communication technology (GSM, LoRa, SigFox, Wireless MBus…), we are able to meet every requirement relating to remote sensor data collection.
  • nke Watteco: Pulse Sensor

    nke Watteco is a major player in the Internet of Things (IoT) thanks to our ideally suited range of sensors. Thanks to our range of multiprotocol communication technology (GSM, LoRa, SigFox, Wireless MBus…), we are able to meet every requirement relating to remote sensor data collection.
  • nke Watteco: Smart Plug

    nke Watteco is a major player in the Internet of Things (IoT) thanks to our ideally suited range of sensors. Thanks to our range of multiprotocol communication technology (GSM, LoRa, SigFox, Wireless MBus…), we are able to meet every requirement relating to remote sensor data collection.
  • nke Watteco: Temp, Humidity

    nke Watteco is a major player in the Internet of Things (IoT) thanks to our ideally suited range of sensors. Thanks to our range of multiprotocol communication technology (GSM, LoRa, SigFox, Wireless MBus…), we are able to meet every requirement relating to remote sensor data collection.
  • nke Watteco: TIC Sensor

    nke Watteco is a major player in the Internet of Things (IoT) thanks to our ideally suited range of sensors. Thanks to our range of multiprotocol communication technology (GSM, LoRa, SigFox, Wireless MBus…), we are able to meet every requirement relating to remote sensor data collection.
  • OnYield: Building Sensors

    OnYield is specialized to connect sensors and devices to Internet through Low Power Wide Area Networks (LP-WAN) technologies. We are a full end-to-end solution provider including studies, design and manufacturing.
  • Parametric: People Counter

    MCOM-PC is a radar people counter with LoRa™ data connection. An integrated radar sensor detects persons moving parallel to the device. A person is counted as soon as he or she enters and leaves the detection zone.
  • PNI: Parking Sensor

    PlacePod™ is an IoT-enabled smart parking sensor for on-street and off-street municipal and private parking management.
  • Polysense

    WxS8800 system is a LoRa (Long Range) technology based point sensing system
  • ProLoRa Electricity

    Original equipment for measuring and saving electricity
  • RisingHF: RHF1S001

    RisingHF temperature and humidity sensor offers cost effective LoRaWAN end node solution for a variety of applications.
  • Sanchirtech

    We believe in technological convenience and freedom. Our teams are working hard to create new ways to make modern busy life-styles a little bit simpler. If you would like to collaborate, or simply need our services, please contact us.
  • Sensing Labs: Smart Metering

    High added value meter data analytics, strong radio robustness and sensitivity combined with ruggedized IP 68+ design make Senlab metering sensors unrivalled for meter data retrieving solutions.
  • Sensing Labs: Temperature

    The highly precise integrated probe with an indoor design make the Senlab Temperature wireless sensors the optimal solution for indoor conditions.
  • Sensoterra

    Low-cost, wireless solution to real-time soil moisture measurement for agriculture, horticulture, nature restoration and landscaping.
  • Skysens

    Smart, Wireless, Agile, IoT Networks
  • Solvera Lynx

    We are specialist for information and communication technologies for energy management in energy supply, industry, buildings and transport sector.
  • Strega: Smart-Valve

    STREGA has been created in 2011 by a team of IT and industrial communication specialists, having a long time expertise in the European and Middle East market.
  • Tektelic

    Thanks to our technical acumen, expertise and a leading portfolio of IPR and reference products we continue to be successfully retained by companies from different verticals to address their custom RF and wireless requirements.
  • Telog: 41 Series

    As part of a smart water infrastructure, Telog’s 41 Series is designed to enable utilities to monitor real-time operations, assess the condition of assets, repair leaks to reduce non-revenue water (NRW) and manage critical infrastructure.
  • Tinovi

    The Tinovi PM-WCS-3 family sensors is low-cost accurate moisture sensor for monitoring water content, electrical conductivity and temperature of soil.
  • Turbo: Smoke Detector

    TBS-100 smart wireless smoke detector is a stand-alone wireless smoke detector, compatible with LoRaWAN™ technology. TBS-100 can support wireless remote reporting and alarm linkage, and has many advantages, high sensitivity, low cost, no wired, low power consumption, high reliability etc.
  • Turbo: Vehicle Detector

    TBS-200 Geomagnetic vehicle detector, which is compatible with LoRaWAN™, adopts advanced magnetic sensor and signal detection algorithm, be able to detect the vehicle presence.TBS-200 can be widely used in many areas such as smart parking, smart traffic, smart community.
  • Turbo: Water Meter

    TBS-300 smart wireless remote water meter, LoRaWAN™ compatible, is a rotor multi-flow meter used to measure the water flow in pipe.TBS-300 can be provide real-time statistics data of water consumption and monitor the state of pipes intelligently.
  • Twave: Motion Sensor

    Smove is a compact wireless Lora/Lorawan accellerometer based sensor. It holds all electronics (including antenna and batteries) in a 20x20x60mm enclosure. An expansion connector inside allows you/us to upgrade the device. Smove comes with sample firmware and schematic.
  • Vinduino: Sensor

    The Vinduino R3 sensor station is a solar powered remote sensor platform. It is optimized for supporting multiple soil sensors, aimed at saving irrigation water and improving crop health at lowest system cost. This product represents the 3rd generation design of our remote sensor platform, and passed extensive agricultural field trials.
  • Winext: Manhole Sensor

    Effectively monitor urban road manhole covers in real time. When there is deviation and tilt for a manhole cover, AN-108 manhole covers monitoring sensor will automatically upload this information to platform
  • Winext: Parking Sensors

    Advanced adaptive magnetic detection algorithm, which can track the change of environmental magnetic field parameter dynamically
  • Winext: Smoke Detector

    Intelligent wireless light inductance smoke fire detector based on LoRaWAN protocol
  • Winext: Temperature, Humidity

    Adopts dedicated digital module acquisition technology and temperature and humidity sensing technology to ensure high reliability and long-term stability
  • Xignal: Trap

    Xignal communicate the status of the trap: armed, un-armed and un-armed with catch. You can view the status via our online portal ( or via our app for Apple and Android.
  • XterConnect: Sensors

    We provide digital transformation for sensors, devices and products with cutting edge LPWAN & BLE technology driven by iOS & Android applications.
  • Zane: Embedded Systems Dev

    Our circuit and embedded development team has more than 10 years experience. We manage electrical engineering activities for our Hungarian and foreign partners. Our work is supported by up-to-date project management tools in each period of the development. We put emphasis on quality assurance, and do believe that our highly innovative products contribute the idea to save the Planet.
  • Zenseio: Modular IIoT

    Zenseio hardware platform is designed for a variety of Industrial IoT applications. This is achieved with smart modularity and plug-and-play. A variety of multi-use, industrial-grade sensor, communication, and power supply modules allow to configure the IoT device that is optimal for the application you are developing.