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  • Ascoel: Infrared

    IR868LR passive pyroelectric effect sensor for indoor use with a range of up to 16m.
  • Ascoel: Push Button

    Home/Office or Industrial style push button available for indoor & outdoor applications.
  • ATIM: Counting / Monitoring

    This is the ideal product to supervise the state of an equipment (start – stop) or to be notified in case of a problem. It also can report a water, gas, electricity counter index (pulse).
  • ATIM: Serial Port

    The ACW-RS allows easy interface to electronic systems that have a serial port to communicate with other equipment or sending the information on a cloud. It is often used behind PLC’s and data acquisition systems where it insures the redundancy, backup in case of an Internet or 3G failure usually used for data transmission.
  • ATIM: Temperature Humidity

    Report an ambient temperature and humidity
  • ATIM: Temperature Monitoring

    This is the ideal product to supervise temperature for a distant site and get warnings in case of threshold over-run.
  • Beep

    We’re a venture-backed startup in San Francisco, founded by early members of the Android, Access, and Platforms team at Google.
  • Bettschen Elektronik: LoRa Lighting Bridge

    With the LoRa Lighting Bridge you can control lighting fixtures and ballast as you like. The compactly designed electronics can be easily integrated in the lighting and, after configuring via USB or NFC, you can operate the lighting via LoRa.
  • Cascademic: Converters

    We at CASCADEMIC develop Industrial solutions in SCADA, M2M & Growing IIoT