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  • Clickey

    Invenit develops IoT applications for business and consumer markets. Invenit introduces “the missing link” for the Internet of Things called Clickey. Everything together.
  • Comtac: Bridges

    Our LoRa bridges literally “build bridges” between different worlds, bringing things from the traditional world into the LoRa network.
  • Comtac: IOs

    Thanks to our LoRa IOs, you can quickly and easily connect as many signals as you like to LoRa networks by means of standard interfaces.
  • Comtac: Multi-Sensors

    Our multi-sensor packages are a combination of different measuring principles that pave the way into the LoRa network for different use cases.
  • Conbee

    For object location, container management and fleet optimization
  • Dapu: Automated Meter Reading

    Automated meter reading for electric, gas, water, and heat
  • Dapu: Temp Humidity Node

    High precision temperature and humidity sensor suitable for Fire Extinguishing System, Agricultural Irrigation, Environmental Monitoring, and Industrial Control
  • Dapu: Tracking Node

    Suitable for Medical treatment, Animal husbandry, Valuables Tracker, and Intelligent Transportation System.
  • Decentlab: Data Logger

    Transmits sensor readings using LoRaWAN