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  • ProLoRa Electricity

    Original equipment for measuring and saving electricity
  • RisingHF: RHF1S001

    RisingHF temperature and humidity sensor offers cost effective LoRaWAN end node solution for a variety of applications.
  • Sanchirtech

    We believe in technological convenience and freedom. Our teams are working hard to create new ways to make modern busy life-styles a little bit simpler. If you would like to collaborate, or simply need our services, please contact us.
  • Sensing Labs: Smart Metering

    High added value meter data analytics, strong radio robustness and sensitivity combined with ruggedized IP 68+ design make Senlab metering sensors unrivalled for meter data retrieving solutions.
  • Sensing Labs: Temperature

    The highly precise integrated probe with an indoor design make the Senlab Temperature wireless sensors the optimal solution for indoor conditions.
  • Sensoterra

    Low-cost, wireless solution to real-time soil moisture measurement for agriculture, horticulture, nature restoration and landscaping.
  • Skysens

    Smart, Wireless, Agile, IoT Networks
  • Solvera Lynx

    We are specialist for information and communication technologies for energy management in energy supply, industry, buildings and transport sector.
  • Strega: Smart-Valve

    STREGA has been created in 2011 by a team of IT and industrial communication specialists, having a long time expertise in the European and Middle East market.