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  • allóra Factory: Celsius Sensor

    Accurate temperature monitoring
  • allóra Factory: Design and Development

    Allóra Factory is the one stop shop to turn your long range wireless ideas into reality.
  • allóra Factory: Pirio

    Accurate motion monitoring
  • AllThingsTalk

    AllThingsTalk offers everything you need to develop and build prototypes and products using LoRaWAN™ IoT networks. Hardware, sensors, web interface, mobile apps, API's and reference designs to get you started.
  • Strega: Smart-Valve

    STREGA has been created in 2011 by a team of IT and industrial communication specialists, having a long time expertise in the European and Middle East market.
  • Twave: Motion Sensor

    Smove is a compact wireless Lora/Lorawan accellerometer based sensor. It holds all electronics (including antenna and batteries) in a 20x20x60mm enclosure. An expansion connector inside allows you/us to upgrade the device. Smove comes with sample firmware and schematic.