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  • ATIM: Serial Port

    The ACW-RS allows easy interface to electronic systems that have a serial port to communicate with other equipment or sending the information on a cloud. It is often used behind PLC’s and data acquisition systems where it insures the redundancy, backup in case of an Internet or 3G failure usually used for data transmission.
  • ATIM: Temperature Humidity

    Report an ambient temperature and humidity
  • ATIM: Temperature Monitoring

    This is the ideal product to supervise temperature for a distant site and get warnings in case of threshold over-run.
  • Endetec Homerider: smart water

    Endetec Homerider Systems, the European leader in providing Smart Water Solutions, develops, manufactures and deploys sensors networks; we collect and analyse a vast array of environmental data. We offer a robust, reliable and multiprotocol network to a rich ecosystem dedicated to data management for areas such as: water, industry and efficient building energy management.

    The EXPEMB Group, through its subsidiaries, has been created to meet the need of industry In the field of embedded systems, products, systems, development, and integration.
  • Froggy Factory

    Froggy Factory creates the LoRa shield for Arduino to enable you to easily access to this technology. Thanks to the Arduino Library, you only need to write few lines of code before achieving your first LoRa radio transmission.
  • Intesens: Connected Maintenance

    INTESENS provides a connected maintenance solution for remote monitoring of assets. Thanks to the smart & autonomous sensors, you visualise the relevant indicators through the IDIAG Web platform.
  • iSecur: Calyspo

    iSecur is a division of Finsecur, specializing in connected objects dedicated to fire safety and building management system.
  • Ixel: Gateway

    ICT gateways cater to industry, energy consulting firms and alternative power producers. They enable drawing the profile of electricity use to identify best practices and lighten energy appliances when electricity is expensive or only consume electricity at the most advantageous price.