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  • 7layers: testing

    7layers has become the first independent LoRa authorized 3rd party test laboratory.
  • ANYLINK: LoRa Module

    Drop-in RF modules at various frequncies
  • Gupsy

    Gupsy develops and deploys a wireless IoT platform for customers worldwide, using LoRaWAN and LR-WPAN technologies.
  • IMST: iC880A

    iC880A is a LoRaWAN Concentrator 868 MHz able to receive packets of different end devices sent with different spreading factors on up to 8 channels in parallel. In combination with an embedded Linux board like Raspberry Pi, Beagle Bone, Banana Pi and the HAL software from a complete LoRaWAN™ gateway can be setup easily.
  • IMST: iM880B-L, iM881A-M

    In close cooperation with Semtech, IMST developed the ultra long range radio modules iM880A/B. With strong robustness against interference and the minimized power consumption, the module is the best solution for applications require long range and secure radio link within the 868 MHz frequency band.
  • IMST: iU880B

    The iU880B is a compact and cost–effective USB stick based on the Long Range Radio Module iM880B-L. USB to UART Bridge Virtual COM Port (VCP) drivers for Microsoft Windows, WindowsCE and Linux are available.
  • IMST: Lite Gateway

    LoRa® Lite Gateway (LGW) is a demonstration and evaluation platform consisting of the pre-certified concentrator iC880A-SPI, a Raspberry Pi, a pre-configured SD-card and a housing.
  • IMST: Mote II

    The Mote II is a demonstration platform intended to be used in a variety of applications.
  • In-Circuit Radino32

    The In-Circuit radino32 SX1272 combines an STM32L151 microcontroller with the SX1272 radio module from Semtech in a small form-factor EMC-compliant module.