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  • 1M2M: ED1608

    1M2M’s ED1608 is an out of the box, ready to use universal Low Power WAN Smart Sensor/GPS Tracker. There are three versions- the full version, equipped with all sensors; the basic version, configured as tracker, with only GPS and Accelerometer; and the radio-only version, with no sensors, but all the external interfaces.
  • Abel Delft: OSU

    Certified Class A module
  • Clickey

    Invenit develops IoT applications for business and consumer markets. Invenit introduces “the missing link” for the Internet of Things called Clickey. Everything together.
  • Ideetron: Gateways

    The Lorank 8 is the first affordable open source LoRa(tm) Gateway with professional specifications.
  • KCS: TM-901

    The KCS TraceME TM-901 / N1C2 is not only designed for personal tracking and tracing applications, but also for tracking and tracing a variety of non-powered movable objects. With the TM-901 you will not only know where the person carrying the module is, but you will have information about their exact actual and historical status as well. You will be alerted if something strange happens.
  • Marvin

    Marvin is a development board based on the Arduino Leonardo and is grove sensor compatible. We designed the board as a usb (2.4 mm thick pcb) so you can plug it in both your laptop and powerbank to configure / power your application.
  • RFI: Gateway

    RFI Engineering provides a robust line of LoRa® modular outdoor base stations. RFI Engineering prides itself on providing secure (encrypted) high-quality products and solutions.
  • RFI: Localisation Solver

    The RFI Solver Software is the centralized function to enable localisation of LoRa® sensors.
  • Sensoterra

    Low-cost, wireless solution to real-time soil moisture measurement for agriculture, horticulture, nature restoration and landscaping.