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  • Aartesys

    Aartesys is the first company worldwide to develop a gateway of the second generation with location technology. As vertical application, Aartesys offers an energy meter reading with LoRa wireless technology.
  • Bettschen Elektronik: LoRa Lighting Bridge

    With the LoRa Lighting Bridge you can control lighting fixtures and ballast as you like. The compactly designed electronics can be easily integrated in the lighting and, after configuring via USB or NFC, you can operate the lighting via LoRa.
  • Comtac: Bridges

    Our LoRa bridges literally “build bridges” between different worlds, bringing things from the traditional world into the LoRa network.
  • Comtac: IOs

    Thanks to our LoRa IOs, you can quickly and easily connect as many signals as you like to LoRa networks by means of standard interfaces.
  • Comtac: Multi-Sensors

    Our multi-sensor packages are a combination of different measuring principles that pave the way into the LoRa network for different use cases.
  • Decentlab: Data Logger

    Transmits sensor readings using LoRaWAN
  • Gimasi: Direxio

    A state of the art ultra low power tracking platform, delivered in a small form factor, 26x47mm, is suited for the most diverse tracking applications.
  • Gimasi: LumenUnda

    LumenUnda is the state of the art in remote control lighting based on LoRa®
  • Gimasi: Smart Cities

    GIMASI can help you in being part of the Smart City revolution by providing off the shelf solutions or consulting services to help you design your next IoT solution.