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  • AMIHO: Wireless M-Bus + LoRa

    AMIHO provides stand-alone Wireless M-Bus and LoRa® modules available as standard off-the-shelf or custom products.
  • Comms365: Gateway Installation

    Gateway Site Survey and Installation service as well as End to End Managed Solutions
  • Everynet

    Everynet is a global IoT connectivity company. Providing very low cost network infrastructure and a Core Network Platform that together will offer the lowest device connection fee. An Innovative Everynet Partner Program that can facilitate participation in a Global Shared Network and works with both MNO and private network partners to ensure that these barriers are removed.
  • Industrial Internet

    We combine control and monitoring systems with the internet of things (IIoT) and the cloud to create connected infrastructure.
  • Inmarsat: Satellite Connectivity

    With reliable, global mobile satellite connectivity, Inmarsat fulfils the unique connectivity requirements for valuable M2M and IoT networks wherever they are on the globe and beyond the reach of terrestrial networks – at land, at sea and in the air.
  • Laird: RM1xx

    The RM1xx series of modules innovatively combines Bluetooth® v4.0 with LoRaWAN™ into one module. They aggregate and transmit data from Bluetooth® Smart (BLE) devices and sensors over LoRa® to gateways as far as 15 km (~10 miles) away. This bridges the personal area network to the wide area network in a unique way.
  • Pycom: LoPy

    We have created a portfolio of multi-LPWAN-network, open source, Micropython programmable development boards and OEM modules.
  • Stream Technologies

    Stream Technologies have been at the forefront of the IoT since start up in 2000. Stream’s core offering comprises of PaaS for the IoT, global wireless IoT connectivity, and LoRaWAN™ network server. With geographically distributed points-of-presence, Stream serves in excess of 500 global enterprises, including mobile network operators, governments and blue-chip companies listed on the Fortune 500 List.
  • Telit: RE866 BLE + LoRa

    Integrating unlicensed LPWAN to your IoT solution is simplified with the use of our pre-certified combo module, RE866. The module’s open protocol and unique combination of long range (LoRa) with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) make it perfect for sensor-heavy applications such as smart metering, industrial automation, alarm systems, agriculture, street lightning, asset tracking, and smart cities.