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  • MultiTech: xDot

    The MultiConnect xDot is LoRaWAN™ 1.0.1 compliant. xDots bring intelligence, reduced complexity and a lower overall bill of material cost to the very edge of the network.
  • myDevices: Cayenne

    World's First Drag & Drop IoT Project Builder
  • Myfox: home alarm

    Unlike traditional detection systems, Myfox offers true security and peace of mind through proactive deterrence. Myfox Home Alarm is built to ensure truly reliable security that adapts to your daily life.
  • OpenChirp

    OpenChirp is a management framework for Low-Power Wide-Area Networks (LP-WAN) that provides data context, storage, visualization, and access control over the web.
  • PNI: Parking Sensor

    PlacePod™ is an IoT-enabled smart parking sensor for on-street and off-street municipal and private parking management.
  • Proxidyne: BLE/LoRaWAN Node

    The Proxidyne LoRa Sensor Node detects changes in Proxidyne sensors (or any iBeacon-compatible device) and sends back that information to a LoRaWAN network.
  • Sanchirtech

    We believe in technological convenience and freedom. Our teams are working hard to create new ways to make modern busy life-styles a little bit simpler. If you would like to collaborate, or simply need our services, please contact us.
  • Semtech

    Through our work with the LoRa Alliance, our goal is to lead and help foster a complete ecosystem that can provide entrepreneurs, small businesses and large enterprises with all the tools they need to develop their own IoT solutions and bring them to market.
  • Senet: The Foundry

    A Suite of LoRaWAN IoT Development Services