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  • Telog: 41 Series

    As part of a smart water infrastructure, Telog’s 41 Series is designed to enable utilities to monitor real-time operations, assess the condition of assets, repair leaks to reduce non-revenue water (NRW) and manage critical infrastructure.
  • Vinduino: Sensor

    The Vinduino R3 sensor station is a solar powered remote sensor platform. It is optimized for supporting multiple soil sensors, aimed at saving irrigation water and improving crop health at lowest system cost. This product represents the 3rd generation design of our remote sensor platform, and passed extensive agricultural field trials.
  • Zenseio: Modular IIoT

    Zenseio hardware platform is designed for a variety of Industrial IoT applications. This is achieved with smart modularity and plug-and-play. A variety of multi-use, industrial-grade sensor, communication, and power supply modules allow to configure the IoT device that is optimal for the application you are developing.