Cytron LoRa Shield

LoRa module RN2903 loaded with Malaysia LoRaWan frequency and specification, 919 MHz to 923 MHz


Supplier: Cytron

  • LoRaWan shield for Arduino. Fully compatible with Arduino/Genuino UNO, CT-UNO, CT-ARM, Arduino/Genuino Mega and similar Arduino main board.
  • On-board Microchip LoRa module RN2903 with LoRaWAN™ protocol stack
  • UART selectors for software UART/hardware UART/PC to RN2903 communication in DIP switch form.
  • TX and RX LED indicators for the shield.
  • 1 x SMA 90 deg antenna connector, 1 x U.FL SMD antenna connector and 1 x single through hole for wire antenna
  • 3 Grove connectors for sensors or other grove-compatible devices

Price: Ex Tax: $49.75


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