MultiTech: Conduit

MultiConnect® Conduit™ is the industry’s most configurable, manageable, and scalable communications gateway for industrial IoT applications. A diverse range of MultiConnect® mCard™ accessory cards provide the local wired or wireless field asset connectivity and plug directly into the rear of the Conduit gateway. Available options include a LoRaWAN™ Ready mCard capable of supporting thousands of long range RF modules connected to remote sensors or appliances.

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Supplier: Multi-Tech

Frequency: mCard 868 / 915 MHz

Certification: FCC/CE


Conduit MTCDT-H5-210 at Digi-Key, US$

1+       436.43
10+     431.04

mCard MTAC-LORA-915 at Digi-Key, US$

1+       177.480
10+     168.912
100+   163.200


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Conduit™, Conduit™ IP67 Base Station

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