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All Embit wireless modules share the embedded microsystems philosophy: the microcontroller inside the module is open to the customer that can develop his own firmware. Alternatively, Embit wireless modules can be employed as flexible modems employing simple AT-like commands over UART.

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Supplier: Embit

Chips: Based on Atmel SAMD20, Transceiver: Semtech sx1272

Frequency: 868 / 915 MHz

Output Power: can be set up to +19 dBm (~80 mW) or to +14 dBm (~25 mW)

The EMB-LR1272 modules is provided with a embedded LoRa/LoRaWAN stack specifically developed by Embit and ship programmed with EBI-LoRa which allows the customer to use the modules as a simple, ready-to-use modem (using AT-like commands over UART)

Price: (on Sodaq webshop) €22,50


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