KCS: TM-901

The KCS TraceME TM-901 / N1C2 is not only designed for personal tracking and tracing applications, but also for tracking and tracing a variety of non-powered movable objects.

With the TM-901 you will not only know where the person carrying the module is, but you will have information about their exact actual and historical status as well. You will be alerted if something strange happens.


Supplier: KCS

Sensors: Glonass/GPS, temperature, acceleration. Optional: humidity, baro-/altimeter and compass/magnetometer

Frequency: 868, 915 MHz

Power: up to +20 dBm

Standby battery lifespan of more than 10 years

Certification: LoRaWAN Certified Product

Price: not available


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Vehicle TM-178 / R9H7, Object TM-202 / R9C7, Object TM-900 / N1C1, Object TM-901 / N1C2

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