Through our work with the LoRa Alliance, our goal is to lead and help foster a complete ecosystem that can provide entrepreneurs, small businesses and large enterprises with all the tools they need to develop their own IoT solutions and bring them to market.

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Supplier: Semtech

LoRa Technology is built into chipsets from Semtech, ST Micro and Microchip.

Semtech is partnering with mobile service providers worldwide to implement LPWANs that are based on the LoRaWAN specification.

New LoRa Transceivers: SX1272, SX1276

New LoRa Concentrator SX1301

Price: (US$)

SX1272IMLTRT from DigiKey unit price from $7.70 to $4.33

SX1276IMLTRT from DigiKey unit price from $12.59 to $7.08


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