Zenseio: Modular IIoT

Zenseio hardware platform is designed for a variety of Industrial IoT applications. This is achieved with smart modularity and plug-and-play. A variety of multi-use, industrial-grade sensor, communication, and power supply modules allow to configure the IoT device that is optimal for the application you are developing.

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Supplier: Zenseio

LoRa module: License-free 915MHz version FCC certifed for USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand. Price: US$ 65 including eighth-wave duck antenna

Sensor Hub: It is the main chassis board that physically, electrically, and logically connects the whole system into a fully functional IoT sensor device. Uses 32-bit low-power ARM Cortex-M0 Application Processor with additional, fast Flash memory for OTA firmware updates. Price: US$ 109

Sensor Modules: Environmental, Multimode Serial Interface, and GPS. Price: US$ 49-99.


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