AllThingsTalk offers everything you need to develop and build prototypes and products using LoRaWAN™ IoT networks. Hardware, sensors, web interface, mobile apps, API’s and reference designs to get you started.

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Supplier: AllThingsTalk

AllThingsTalk partners with public LoRaWAN™ based Network Service Providers covering Belgium, London UK and a private LoRaWAN™ partner offering worldwide coverage.

The LORAWAN™ Rapid Development Kit priced at €299.00 (Inc 21% VAT) consists of SODAQ Arduino, 10 carefully selected modules for experimenting with LoRa™, and AllThingsTalk Maker which is an IoT Application Enabler offered as-a-service. We’ve built 3 custom experiments for you to explore the power of LoRa™.

Similarly, the LoRaWAN™ based Track-and-Trace Product Kit priced at €149.00 (Inc 21% VAT) consists of SODAQ Arduino, GPS and accelerometer, and AllThingsTalk Maker.


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