LoRa Server

LoRa Server consists of multiple components, giving you the flexibility to set your LoRaWAN infrastructure the way you want.



Supplier: LoRa Server

LoRa App Server: is the user facing service, responsible for managing the inventory of nodes. It provides an easy to user web-interface for managing users, applications and nodes.

LoRa Server: is the network-server service, responsible for managing the state of active nodes within the network. It supports Class-A and Class-C and can operate on all ISM bands as specified by the “LoRaWAN Regional Parameters”.

LoRa Gateway Bridge: abstracts the UDP protocol which most gateways are using into JSON over MQTT. It allows you to monitor received LoRaWAN frames or send LoRaWAN with any MQTT client.

LoRaWAN Go library: lets you encode and decode LoRaWAN frames. It handles encryption / decryption, validation of the mesage integrity code and provides all ISM band definitions.

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