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Stream Technologies have been at the forefront of the IoT since start up in 2000. Stream’s core offering comprises of PaaS for the IoT, global wireless IoT connectivity, and LoRaWAN™ network server.

With geographically distributed points-of-presence, Stream serves in excess of 500 global enterprises, including mobile network operators, governments and blue-chip companies listed on the Fortune 500 List.

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Stream’s LoRaWAN™ network server is a scalable network management solution that removes the complexity of rolling out a LoRa® network. Features include:

  • Device, gateway and network management.
  • Data routing and 3rd party integration.
  • Account management and customer segregation.
  • Global network server deployments.
  • Cellular and satellite gateway backhaul connectivity.
  • Invoicing and reporting billing services.


Stream’s LoRaWAN™ network server supports all LoRa® compliant gateways and devices, allowing customers to freely choose their hardware and solution sets for deployment. IoT-X also allows data from single or aggregated sensors, to be routed simultaneously to multiple applications.

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