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LoRaWAN currently lacks a complete radio planning, network optimization, and drive testing solution like those available in the field of cellular. LoraSQ attempts to fill that gap by providing its users with a series of field tester devices, convenient and easy to use control software, as well as advanced cloud-based analytical and reporting tools.

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Supplier: ABsoft

The Field Explorer is LoraSQ’s first generation of field tester devices.

  • No physical interface apart from “quick survey button”. Instead, the device is securely interfaced using either Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) or HTTP.
  • Comes with an on/off switch and a connection status LED.
  • Runs on an ion lithium battery for up to 8 hours on a single charge, and is rechargeable using micro USB.
  • The LoRa radio chip is hosted by a certified module, which is in turn hosted and controlled by a power efficient ARM Linux SoC enabled with, BLE, WiFi and USB Ethernet.
  • Software configurable to works with both the US915 and EU868 ISM bands (support for other bands coming soon).

LoraSQ’s iOS client for the Field Explorer is what sets the solution apart from the other existing solutions available on the market today.

LoraSQ has a fully managed cloud that is responsible for communicating with the LoRaWAN application server for registering and configuring field tester devices in the target LoRaWAN network, as well as for subscribing to those devices’ data streams.

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