1M2M: ED1608

1M2M’s ED1608 is an out of the box, ready to use universal Low Power WAN Smart Sensor/GPS Tracker. There are three versions- the full version, equipped with all sensors; the basic version, configured as tracker, with only GPS and Accelerometer; and the radio-only version, with no sensors, but all the external interfaces.


Supplier: 1M2M

Frequency: 868/915 MHz

Sensors: 3D accelerometer, GPS, temperature/humidity sensor, air pressure sensor, hall switch, 3D magnetometer, BlueTooth, 2 analog inputs, 2 digital outputs, a serial interface, I2C interface and a 1wire interface.

Battery: 8,800 or 2,200 mAh primary battery pack

Protection: IP67

Price: not available


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