Invenit develops IoT applications for business and consumer markets. Invenit introduces “the missing link” for the Internet of Things called Clickey. Everything together.

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Supplier: Invenit

Sensors: Clickey Track & Trace, Clickey PIR, Clickey Pro, and Clickey TempSenz.

This new way of communication is based on a new LoRa network with overlapping coverage of transponders added to existing GSM towers. This allows communication with very small and low power devices. This position is send to the Clickey APP on the smartphone of the owner.

The International Clickey Cloud Platform (ICCP) is a powerful solution that collects IOT sensor data and powers your business via Apps and Portals. The platform is specifically designed for leveraging the potential of different IoT networks and the Clickey designed sensors, making it the most powerful and integrated IOT platform available today.

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