Our vision is to make electronic product design so simple, and the ramp to production so rapid, that we enable a generation of innovation. If Gumstix LoRa® gateways or nodes are not exactly what you need, no problem. Each board was designed in Geppetto which means you can copy, drag and drop your desired features onto the board in minutes to design to your specific specs.

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Supplier: Gumstix

With the Gumstix Overo and the RHF0M301 gateway module, the Overo Conduit can deliver long-range communications over LoRaWAN™. Price: US$ 56 for board and US$ 385 for kit.

Pi Conduit LoRa® Gateway Board by Gumstix: A Raspberry Pi Compute Module board with USB ethernet and the NimbeLink Skywire connector — it’s LTE ready. Price: US$ 84 for board and US$ 295 for kit.

Strata LoRa® Weather Station Gateway by Gumstix: A Microchip microcontroller with LoRa® transceiver and environmental sensors. Price: US$ 105 for board.

Or attach the LoRa® Transceiver module and an array of sensor and GPIO modules to a low-power microcontroller for a battery or solar powered remote data node.


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