KotahiNet: Custom Nodes

Provide LoRaWAN connectivity to any sensor


Supplier: KotahiNet

Quantity: any volume, small to large

The sensor or actuator can either be on board (integrated into a single enclosure) or standalone (connected with wires to the LoRaWAN communications node). Works with digital, pulse and analogue sensor outputs as well as being able to power and control the sensor.

Frequency: 865-867/868/915/928 MHz (any sub-GHz)


  • Remote reading from water meters
  • Battery voltage monitoring
  • Remotely turning on or off something, for example a pump
  • Rainfall reporting frequency proportional to the amount of rainfall
  • Solution to monitor bin filling using an ultrasonic sensor


Application parameter can be customised, such as sleep time, as well as custom parameters included.

Price: not available


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