Why A LoRaWAN MarketPlace

The strength of the LoRaWAN™ community is its diversity, global span, and open membership model. Everyone is welcome.

Whether a person or organisation is a member of the LoRa® Alliance or not, they can supply products and services that meet the LoRaWAN specifications.

This also creates a challenge. How do we find products and services that meet LoRaWAN™ specifications? There is a product catalogue available to LoRa® Alliance members but that is not open for non-members to add their complying products and services. The product catalogue is also not publicly available, at least as far as we know.

So there is a challenge of open information about LoRaWAN™ products and services. And that is exactly the reason why this website exists- open information that matches the open philosophy underlying the LoRaWAN™ specifications.

The company behind this website, KotahiNet, is a LoRa® Alliance member operating a LoRaWAN™ network in New Zealand. It was looking for modules, sensors and “things” from global suppliers that met LoRaWAN™ specifications. Search engines were useful but an inefficient way of finding suppliers. Without going to each supplier’s website, it was difficult to make out which products specifically met the LoRaWAN™ specifications and were also available commercially.

That’s how the idea for this website came about, in the belief that there would be others who face the same problem.

Rather than create some sort of monolithic information gatekeeper, the website is designed to act as an information intermediary so that people can go directly to the supplier. The supplier remains the authoritative source of information and we felt people should be able to do business directly with the supplier.

Given a niche, global community, we hope that some suppliers will be interested to advertise to this targeted audience. That will help meet the costs of running this website and keeping it updated.

To try and include the widest range of suppliers of LoRaWAN™ products and services, listing on the website is free. All we ask is that suppliers self-confirm that they meet LoRaWAN™ specifications and their products and services are commercially available to keep the website on target and useful.