Latest Additions

  • Wifx Sàrl: LORIX One

    LORIX One is the first low cost gateway designed and assembled in Switzerland. With over 10 years of experience in the development of WiFi antennas, we have designed a gateway small in size, high in performance, easy to deploy and adapted to all climates.

  • Daliworks- Thing+

    We provide Thing+. It’s a cloud-based IoT platform laser-focused on enabling our partners to build highly scalable and reliable business-oriented solutions quickly and without much (if any) low-level coding. From monitoring and visualizing data, to creating automatic rules and actions based on that data, Thing+ represents a fully-featured foundation to base your solution on.

  • In-Circuit Radino32

    The In-Circuit radino32 SX1272 combines an STM32L151 microcontroller with the SX1272 radio module from Semtech in a small form-factor EMC-compliant module.

  • Ethicstech: LoRa Dev Kit

    Ethicstech has launched India’s first, low cost LoRa Development kit

  • Cascademic: Converters

    We at CASCADEMIC develop Industrial solutions in SCADA, M2M & Growing IIoT

  • Cascademic: LoRa Module

    We at CASCADEMIC develop Industrial solutions in SCADA, M2M & Growing IIoT

  • IMST: Mote II

    The Mote II is a demonstration platform intended to be used in a variety of applications.

  • GlobalSat: Sensors

    LoRaWAN™ Compliant Sensor Series

Featured Products and Services

  • STMicroelectronics: P-NUCLEO-LRWAN1

    The STM32 Nucleo pack for LoRa™technology and high-performance FSK/OOK RF transceiver modem (P-NUCLEO-LRWAN1) is a development tool to learn and develop solutions based on LoRa™and/or FSK/OOK technologies.

    This tool, in association with the certified embedded software solution (I-CUBE-LRWAN), provides the means to set up a complete LoRaWAN™node compliant with class A, based on the Semtech SX1272MB2xAS LoRa™ extension board.

  • 1M2M: ED1608

    1M2M’s ED1608 is an out of the box, ready to use universal Low Power WAN Smart Sensor/GPS Tracker. There are three versions- the full version, equipped with all sensors; the basic version, configured as tracker, with only GPS and Accelerometer; and the radio-only version, with no sensors, but all the external interfaces.

  • Loriot services and software enable you to operate large scale Internet of Things (IoT) networks based on LoRaWAN technology. Our geographically distributed LoRaWAN cloud is providing low latency access to your gateways, back-ends and users worldwide.

  • Kerlink: IoT Station

    Installed on the relay antenna of a telecommunications operator, on the roof of a building or a water tower, it can establish bidirectional communications with several thousand items of intelligent equipment (sensors, meters, connected things) which are several kilometres away.

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